Air Tahiti Nui was founded in 1996. The airline operate very distant routes from Tahiti to Japan, New Zealand and the USA. Air Tahiti Nui is known for its excellent, Polynesian style, service in its business class named "Poerava" and economy class named "Moana".  


On this program we fly the airline's main route to the USA as well as 2 routes to Japan which includes it's longest route from Osaka Kansai to Tahiti, close to 10.000 kilometers. Air Tahiti Nui is an exclusive user of the Airbus 340-200 series aircraft. This aircraft was selected due to its state-of-the-art technology, reliability, passenger comfort and long-range capability that makes it particularly well suited to Pacific routes.




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Filmed in 2001 - Released in 2001


Thank you for another great DVD. Although I am partial to the Boeing 777 I bought this one because of my familiarity with LAX, KIX and NRT and the scenery around PPT makes me want to go there. I especially enjoyed the action around LAX and the inflight views of KIX. I enjoyed this video very much and even though it's not on a 777 I will look forward to watching it as often as my 777 DVD's.

Michael Karpf, JAPAN

This DVD was so well done. I loved the SoCal approach into LAX and as we can see it truly is a very tight and busy airspace. The scenery was marvelous and the cockpit descriptions enjoyable as well. It will be interesting to see this airline operate into NYC to add to its list of long haul destinations. A great job once again. Thanks

Jeff Schapira, CANADA

Good job! It's a fabulous dvd about the A340!Great view of Tahiti on the last run! And the approches to Narita and Los Angeles are amazing! Thanks to just planes team for this great production!  Julien Roquoplo, FRANCE

Glad to see Air Tahiti Nui on DVD. It's worth it's money so to speak. The Los Angeles part is very nice and the Narita to Papeete flight is the true highlight of this DVD. You only get to see Tahiti by day once and that's on the last run. That sure gives a spectacular sight. Frans Zwart, NETHERLANDS

I can't count how many times I have watched the Air Tahiti Nui A340-200 DVD. I have enjoyed it a lot. I have recently become a fan of the A340, thanks to Justplanes.

John C. McCreery, USA

The attractive and bright flowery livery of Air Tahiti Nui's Airbus A340 "F-OITN" is one of the highlights of this World Air Routes DVD. The Chapter 4 montage, which shows a series of images of this beautiful Airbus widebody "in action" while at LAX, is enough to make any A340 fan's mouth water. We're treated to four long-haul flights on the modern A340-200 during the program, with ample doses of cockpit presentation, sprinkled with the usual amount of great camerawork of scenery out the flight-deck and cabin windows. Another worthy entry in the World Air Routes series.  David Von Pein, USA

Really EXCELLENT. The approaches to Japan Airports are great, so is the Captain´s presentation about the A340. Great scenery. I will recommend to everybody.

Tatiana Macchiavello, COSTA RICA

Really great : the approach of Los Angeles is really superb, the views of Japan airports are interesting and the Airbus 340 is really an amazing aircraft and I was pleased to know how it flies and how the crew manages it.

Ben Voisin, FRANCE

I've just bought this dvd...it is excellent!!! Great footage, great plane and great scenery. Vladislav Vasilyev, RUSSIA

Excellent DVD of Air Tahiti Nui. I especially enjoyed Captain Wurfel taking the time to describe the flight deck and the overall operation of the very modern A340-200, as well as the great in-flight and outdoor photography of takeoffs and landings at Tahiti and Los Angeles. Keep up the great work!! Jay Alberts, USA

This is a wonderful DVD although I have not had a chance to see these destination's I felt as though I already have. Tahiti is a very beautiful place and the footage on the A340 is out of sight and a great airplane. The CFM engines sound good on takeoff. Keep up the good work JPV.

Lonnie Miller, USA

I just received your 2 new programs from Tahiti. They are wonderful. Having just returned from that paradise myself and flown on those 2 airlines these are great souvenirs of the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Plenty of that breathtaking scenery is shown on the programs and I enjoyed seeing some destinations in French Polynesia that I did not get to see on my trip. Also enjoyed the cockpit and cabin scenes and on Air Tahiti Nui I had the same 2 Captains I feel like these DVDs were customed made for me. Thank you so much and no one should miss these programs.

Greg Rowland, USA

I recently purchased and watched the "Air Tahiti Nui" DVD. I love the in-cabin footage. Chris McKeithen, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A340-200 F-OITN TN 002 PPT-LAX 7h44


LAX Los Angeles, USA

A340-200 F-OITN TN 001 LAX-PPT 8h11

LAX Los Angeles, USA


A340-200 F-OITN TN 078 PPT-NRT 12h09


NRT Tokyo Narita, JAPAN


F-OITN TN 087 KIX-PPT 11h16

KIX Osaka Kansai, JAPAN