Air Luxor operates a very modern fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft and Airbus A330 aircraft. Besides scheduled and charter flights the airline often operates on behalf of other airlines.

In the case of this program we follow a service operated for Ariana Afghan Airlines between Germany and Afghanistan.

Your host for this dvd is Captain Mirpuri, the airline's Vice President, who will present the different parts of the flight and cockpit in detail. Flying into Kabul is very challenging at this time as this program will show.



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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



FG 706



FRA Frankfurt, GERMANY


A330-300 CS-TMT FG 705 KBL-FRA 7h19


FRA Frankfurt, GERMANY

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FLYING INTO KABUL, long-haul pilots get almost as busy as PPLs on a weekend. See and be seen becomes as important as TCAS. The minimum safety altitude inbound is 17,500 & Kabul is at 5,871 ft and the radio fades above this rugged terrain and messages have to be relayed.
Just when I was getting a little weary of looking over the shoulder of long-haul jet jockeys, the stock-in-trade of this long-running series springs another surprise (last time it was a close look at a U.S. on-demand charter operation). There are only two flights on this DVD, in an Airbus A330-300, Frankfurt to Kabul return, but the film manages to make it fascinating ; well, it held my attention ; if you're not into flight-planning, weather charts and airways details, I suppose it could be boring. But this is as interesting as it gets in airline terms ; where flights, let's face it, are designed for safety rather than sightseeing.
Technicalities first: the sound quality from ATC is great (fascinating exchanges going into Kabul), the captains' commentaries informative, the clarity of filmed instruments very good, and the over-the-shoulder shots of charts very readable. You are on the flight deck.
We have a very full initial to-camera briefing from the captain. We're in the flight-planning office, zooming in on printouts of loading sheets, winds aloft, etc. If you're interested in this sort of thing it does makes good viewing, better than sitting at a holding point waiting for clearance.
Pre take-off we are taken around the A330, the captain makes it sound like a love affair, and en route (which takes us over Austria, Hungary, Rumania and Turkey into the sunrise) we share the compulsory company briefings for landing in Afghanistan. On approach, there are glimpses of the striated, mountain landscape. Landing at Kabul, we see aircraft from the UN and the International Red Cross. If the subject matter interests you, then I recommend this DVD.



As a good friend of mine said that this presentation is underrated. I first purchased this DVD when it was released. I enjoyed it; but recently I watched it again and I would like to compare this programme to a fine wine, it improves with age. This time I watched in ore at the skill of   Capt Mirpuri's flying and presentation. Allot of what I was going to say has already been said, so all I will say is sit back in a favorites chair smell the bouquet and take in the taste aroma and just ENJOY.

Simon Cordall ; London, UK

I just finished watching this DVD and i can pretty much rank as the 2nd best WAR DVD i own, and i do own a lot! Sincerely, i wasn't exepcting anything short of excellent since i'm rather used to your top quality DVDs, this one in particular is worth every cent. Since there are only two flights, the whole presentation is very complete, satisfying all of those who like to visualize a thorough presentation of an airliner operations. Now commenting some flight details, the Kabul approach and landing briefing were very good and very detailed. Another scenario that triggered my attention was marketing side of this flight, like for exemple, you have Cpt. Mirpuri showing the cabin configuration, service quality, etc...
Last but not least, i must say that i got stunned with the excellent english that both Cpt. Mirpuri and Cpt. Durao demonstrated making things overall more clear. To end this review i would like to state and reinforce that this is by far one of the best DVD's available for those who would like to watch the insights of airline operation.

Henrique Sjostrand de Oliveira ; Libson, PORTUGAL

What can I say about this DVD! Its awesome! I do have the Silk Way Airlines DVD featuring two roundtrip flights into Kandahar, Afghanistan and Kabul, Afghanistan, but I just couldn't get enough of this breathtaking scenery! So I got this DVD to add to my collection! First in the DVD we meet Cpt. Mirpuri in the briefing office at Frankfurt. He explained a lot about our flight and which countries we will be flying over and our captains and first officers!
Then we ride the bus to the aircraft where Mirpuri explains more about our aircraft! Then he shows us the cabin then we join cpt. Durao and his first officer for a excellent night departure! Then after a few minutes of cabin footage we join Mirpuri and his first officer for the approach info for Kabul! Boy the briefing was longer than usual briefings. We also get to enjoy some breathtaking scenery while on approach to Kabul!
While we are taxing our gate at Kabul we still get great footage! During our layover Mirpuri explains what they will do during the layover then we get some time outside the aircraft at the airport which is very awesome! Then we board the aircraft for the flight preparations back to Frankfurt. More great views while taxing out to our runway.

After takeoff we get to enjoy more cool Afghan scenery! Then we watch Mirpuri and his F/O perform the cruise checklist and Captain Mirpuri gives us a thorough cockpit presentation! Then we enjoy more cabin footage. Then later we join Durao and his F/O for approach briefing to Frankfurt. The landing and taxi at Frankfurt was excellent too!
While the credits run we enjoy some exterior taxi footage of the aircraft! Once we park at our gate Mirpuri says some last words in the cabin once all passengers disembarked. Last but not least we watch the crew board the bus. When Mirpuri is about to board the bus the camera pauses showing Mirpuri giving the Okay symbol with his finger! This DVD deserves all ten stars! I would love more DVDs featuring Afghanistan! This DVD is a must have!

Spencer Mitchell, Detroit MI, USA

This is probably the best DVD I ever seen. Great shots, excellent image, and the explanations by Captain Mirpuri is well detailed. We can ear clearly the communications with the ATC and between the pilots. I thank Capt. Mirpuri and his crew for this precious movie.

Pedro Dias ; Lisbon, PORTUGAL

I I've already bought over 15 DVDs from WAR and this is my 2nd best one (United 777 is the first!). It was a breathtaking approach into Kabul with interesting sights and procedures. Captain Mirpuri doesn't explains pretty well all the details of the approach and procedures on the airways and into Kabul airport. Besides he gives a very good image of the airline to his future passengers. This is a very good DVD and a must have for all aviation lovers!!! Thanks WAR

Ray ; Mons, BELGIUM

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