Filmed in 2002 - Released in 2003

Air Luxor was formed by the Mirpuri family in 1988. The company's network included more than 50 year-round and seasonal destinations. This dvd features Air Luxor's complete fleet including the Airbus A319 and A320 used on short and medium haul routes ; the Airbus A330 generally used on long haul routes and the Lockheed 1011 generally used for charters.

Get an inside look in the cockpit of these aircraft including very extensive and detailed presentations of the A320. You will also discover the superior quality of service Air Luxor offers its passengers on its very modern fleet of Airbuses while enjoying some great scenery in France and Portugal and be sure not to miss the dangerous approach and landing onto Funchal's old runway no less than 3 times in the Cockpit of the A320, A330 and classic Tristar!!!


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The Air Luxor dvd is AWESOME. A must have in your collection. Great job again wortd air routes.

Marcel Laroche, CANADA

This DVD in my opinion had its highlight with the phenomenal A320 family cockpit description by one of our pilots. It reminded me of the same quality as seen in the Air Atlanta 767 cockpit presentation. Great scenery as well in this one and nice to see a classic in the L-1011 flying still with this airline. A very enjoyable program indeed.
Jeff Schapira, CANADA

Having built up an ever increasing collection of dvd's from this series this is the one I use as the benchmark to judge all others. I can only re-iterate all the other comments made especially regarding the A320 presentation. I believe it is that that sets this programme apart.  Dave Sadler, UK

Captain Ricardo Bahia said it all.. The job is wonderful and so is the Luxor DVD! Its a magnificent combination between sceneries, both in Portugal and in France, with the very detailed and well organized explanations, specially in the A320 flights. Congratulations to a very good company!

Air Luxor Rocks! This is one fantastic DVD. The A320 presentation with Captain Bahia was awesome. The landing at Funchal was a great example of a VOR approach. The Orly approach with the snowy landscape going by was simply brilliant. Two thumbs up for the cinematography during the low light scenes. The L1011, A319 and A330 presentations were also top rated.  Alex James, USA

I also enjoyed the L-1011s flights on the Air Luxor DVD, which I have seen 17 times in the last year. The cockpit filming on LK903/904 was excellent(especially the view of the Captain operating the Nosewheel Steering as well as the Pilots and Flight Engineer operating the Thrust-Levers. And I must thank F/E James Butler for his tour of the F/E Panal and External Walkaround. Also, I must agree with all of the comments concerning this DVD. But I would also like to add that Cpt. Pierre Gerard (LK934) did a good job with his presentation of the A319 (including the difference between the A319 & A320). Also great Take-offs and Landings into FNC.  John C. McCreery, USA

The Air Luxor DVD is an excellent addition to the series. I particularly liked the three approaches to Funchal, which is certainly one of the most challenging airports in the world. If you enjoy footage of approaches into runway 13 at the old Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong, you'll be very impressed by the approach to runway 05 which has tight downwind and base legs, leading to a very short final approach. And it's all accompanied by high terrain and beautiful scenery - great stuff for any enthusiast. The rest of the DVD is also very enjoyable and it's great to see classic aircraft like the Lockheed L-1011 being featured.  Grant Michie, AUSTRALIA

The Air Luxor dvd is very well done - I highly recommend it. If you are an Airbus A320/19 fan, then you will love the flight deck detail provided in this program. Add to that some spectacular approaches into Funchal (island in the Atlantic off of Portugal) - especially the A330 flying the spiral approach - such a big aircraft for such a "tight" approach (very exciting - not much room for error).  Captain Bahia does an excellent job on the A320 - his enthusiasm is infectious. The L15 is also well done with a great FE presentation - the flight deck is huge! Very impressive all around.  Again, Jan Mogren does fantastic camera work and he deserves a lot of credit for a job well done. I will be watching this dvd for many years to come. Great work and keep them coming!  Brian Gustason, USA

I am a huge fan of the Lockheed L10-11 TriStar and that is why I originally purchased this DVD. However, when the program began with one of Air Luxor's brand new A320 and the outstanding presenation by Captain Ricardo Bahia I was simply amazed. Captain Bahia does an excellent job explaining what he is doing (and why) as he flies the Airbus A320. This Captain definitely has a commanding knowledge of the A320 and all of its intricate details. Furthermore, his airmanship skills are excellent. Air Luxor is an excellent airline that everyone should fly. They take pride in their work and are very professional. Their aircraft are extremely well maintained as safety and customers are Air Luxor's top priority. Great airline. Great presentation by the C.E.O., the L10-11 TriStar crew, and the A330 Business Cabin features given by Shiela (one of the Flight Attendents). Also excellent scenery views in Paris and Portugal. THIS IS A MUST HAVE DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stan Lenox, USA

The Air Luxor DVD is now the best of my collection. Nobody should miss it! The A320 part was awesome! Very good inspection walkaround and cabin information by a great crew ( especially the captain ) who should make Air Luxor and all Portuguese proud, for their quality pilots. All takeoffs and landings were very good ( filmed on the perfect angle ), but I principally enjoyed the landing at Orly covered with snow, with so many other different types of aircraft around! I also enjoyed the classic L-1011 which is rarely seen these days and then the A330 of which the landing at Funchal on runway 05 was the coolest of the program. This is another World Air Routes program that contributes very much for the success of this wonderful series! Well done!!!!!
Filipe Couceiro, PORTUGAL

"Air Luxor" is a DVD you can't miss in your collection. Excellent explanation of different facets like: approach and departure charts along with the procedures, systems used on board and so on. Remarkable is the clear ATC communication which gives you really the feeling being into the cockpit. The scenery shots are stunning in every way, to say the least about the approach at Funchal. The crew is very kind and gives a lot of information, which gives a good and clear sight on not only the aircraft and flights but also on the company itself. The landing at snow covered Orly is just great. Overall a true "must have".  Marcel Venema, NETH.

This is one highly recommended DVD! Especially the crew on the A320 is superb! Very relaxed, a lot of things are explained gently and that combined with some very spectaculair scenery is a winning combination. The approaches into Funchal are ver nice to say the least. Oporto is also superb, but Orly is the cream on the cake. Dusk and snow give this approach a dramatic effect! Another highlight is the visuel nighttime approach into Lisbon. The L1011 and A330 are nice but they can't match the whole A320 section in my opinion.

This is an overall excellent DVD, very clear and informative. Recommended to all.  Kenny Slater ,USA

This DVD is really brilliant! Quality is splendid. The landing with Orly with for the period of snow is sublime. The presentation of the cockpit is very instructive.
Daniel Baptista, FRANCE

Another excellent DVD with much emotion. Landing at funchal in rwy 23 and also 05 is awesome as well as it is in Lisbon and Oporto. All possible with that great crew and not forget the inflight service and dedication to passengers. With no doubt is a well worth product and please don't forget to buy your copy! Thanks for World Air Routes and to the crew for making this DVD as real as it gets ;)
Joao Fonseca, PORTUGAL

Another great DVD and a excellent addition for collectors of this awesome World Air Routes series. Great detailed cockpit descriptions from some very helpful Air Luxor crews. 3 landings and both approaches to spectacular Funchal, and a very cool landing at a snow covered Orly, with so many interesting aircraft, many not seen outside of France. Great cabin and inflight service shots as well, with the huge contrast between the classic L-1011 and modern A330. Highly recommended.  Ron Peel, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A320 CS-TQA LK 931 LIS-FNC 1h29



A320 CS-TQA LK 942 FNC-OPO 1h29



A320 CS-TQA LK 942 OPO-ORY 1h41


ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE

A320 CS-TQA LK 935 ORY-LIS 2h04

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE


L1011 CS-TMP LK 903 LIS-FNC 1h28



L1011 CS-TMP LK 902 FNC-LIS 1h17



A319 CS-TQC LK 934 LIS-ORY 2h00


ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE

A330-200 CS-TMT LK 3012 CDG-FNC 3h22