The Air France Group is not only one of the largest airline groups in the world but Air France is also one of the largest operators of the Airbus A340 which are used for routes from its Paris CDG hub to North & South America, Africa and Asia.

This program features a roundtrip from Paris on a Middle East route as well as on a route to South America, each very different types of operation. Our Flight Instructor and his crew will explain different features about each of these flights including cockpit set-up, route etc... We also witness Air France's fine in flight service and the usual dose of scenery including a superb approach to Cairo with views of the pyramids and flight over the Nile and the city.



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Filmed in 2004 - Released in 2005


An impressive dvd, a must for all airbus loves. You learn lot by looking at this dvd, all this time I thought English is the official language over the airways, but at CDG that is not the case. I like the shots of Cairo & de Gaulle airports. One more to my big just planes collection.

Deepal Perera, SRI LANKA

The Best DVD I have ever seen. I love the Airbus A340-300.

Vasilios Charalampidis GREECE

Great DVD! It's my 3rd WAR DVD and I am once again blown away! Great audio/visual quality, insightful commentary from the AF crew and of course a glimpse of the great service AF provide; (I fly them a lot so…!) Once again thanks and I will definitely be back for some additional DVD's soon!   Jorrit Dubois, NETHERLANDS

This is my first WAR-DVD I bought from the just planes representing shop here in Paris and I think it was a right choice. In fact after watching this dvd I bought another one. I would like to thank Cpt. Gerard Feldzer for his good cockpit instrument presentation and his brief explanation of the flight charts for both the flights he did to Cairo and Bogota. There are a very nice views one can see for the point of origin CDG Airport, the Banlieu, the capital of Paris and the two destinations too, specially these fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the extra-ordinary views of the Nile river and Pyramids in Egypt. Of course my thanks to his two co-pilots and his cabin crew contributions for the two flights. The images were filmed well and the sound is great. Thank you to all the World Air Routes team for this wonderful dvd.
Mohamed El Mohtasseb, FRANCE

This Air France A340 DVD is just wonderful with the two fantastic destinations featured on this DVD, including the pyramids of Egypt near Cairo. This is my 10th WAR DVD and not my last. Great Work WAR
Matthew Albiston, AUSTRALIA

Once again Justplanes has done it again. I would first of all like to thank Capt. Gerard Feldzer and his co-pilots for their contributions. That includes departures and approach briefings, loadsheets, and maps of CDG, CAI, and BOG. The scenery is fantastic. On AF508 that includes Zurich Airport, Venice, Athens (City & Airport), and Cairo (including the Pyramids). I also enjoyed the scenes of Paris after takeoff (CDG-CAI). That includes 1) Le Bourget Airport, 2) Arc de Triomphe, 3) Palais du Trocadero, 4) Champs-de-Mars, 5) Ecole Militaire, and 6) Les Invalides. What was also impressive were the scenes of the Eiffel Tower. That is perhaps my favorite part of this DVD. On AF503 I enjoyed the scenes of Alexandria (in Egypt) and Rome's FCO; on AF422 I enjoyed the scenes of Los Roques (50 Islands), Venezuela; and on AF423 I enjoyed the night view of Bogota, Columbia. Also great cabin scenes especially during the meal service. Finally I would like to compliment the filming crew on the cockpit scenes and the scenes of CDG. I have been to Paris 8 times and have flown on Air France 10 times. Paris is one of my favorite cities and Air France is one of my favorite airlines. So this DVD and the Air France A330 DVD are among my favorites.
John McCreery, USA

I got the Air France A340 DVD and you did a good job again. You really got some WOW shots climbing out of CDG. I mean that shot flying over the Eiffel Tower was awesome! I thought it was closed airspace and you flew over it on a heavy jet airliner! Way to go! The Air France crew was very helpful and there were some shots of service inside the cabin. The approach into Cairo and Bogota were both interesting. All in all a great DVD. Keep up the good work.   Michael Bowman, USA

Only two destinations and 120 mn duration on this DVD, but it's enought to be one of my favourite in my Justplanes DVD's collection. Very good close up of Paris's Monuments (Eiffel tower and Arc de triomphe) at CDG departure and also Pyramids at Cairo arrival. All flights are made at daytime and only the departure from Bogota is done at nighttime, so you always get great views of landscapes and on planes crossed during flight. This video is also a good review of the busy trafic at CDG, at both departures and arrivals, with parallel approach on runways, sometimes with trafic TCAS alert! The Air France crew is very sympatic and explains the route and procedures well on this A340. This DVD also contain a bonus not mentionned on Jusplanes advert : a Concord take-off at CDG from north runway just when the A340 land on south runway ! Great for nostalgic like me! Approach at Bogota is also instructive, and should be carrefully prepared to avoid mountains arround. Take off by night from this airport is also strange and crew comments about this, are very explicit (but in french)... It's HOT! May be, you think that I'm not objective (because I'm french and I live near CDG) ? But it's true, this is realy a good DVD and I'm sure you won't be disapointed buying it (I own 19 others DVD from Justplanes... enough to compare and rank this one in the top of them).
Special comment for French spoken people : Tres bon DVD, a ajouter absolument a votre collection, en plus une partie des dialogues avec l'equipage est en Francais. Vraiment bien. Thanks Justplanes.   Thierry Davroux, FRANCE


Wow this is an exellent video and I have always had a heart for Justplanes. The first flight has amazing footage of a busy day at CDG and the Bogata approach was very cool. At the end you even see the concorde at takeoff!   Chris Pothering

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A340-300 F-GLZA AF 508 CDG-CAI 4h04



A340-300 F-GLZA AF 503 CAI-CDG 4h08



A340-300X F-GNIH AF 422 CDG-BOG 10h42



A340-300X F-GLZS AF 423 BOG-CDG 9h56