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Filmed in 2001 - Released in 2001

Air Europe is one of Europe's finest airlines specializing in scheduled and charter flights to far away resort destinations. The first part of this program takes you on a transatlantic route as you fly from Italy to 2 destinations in Cuba with the Boeing 777-200ER while the second part is filmed on an African route as you fly from Italy to Kenya with the Boeing 767-300ER.
Enjoy a total of 14 takeoffs and landings, information on the aircraft, routes, communications with Air Traffic Control, flight attendants at work in the cabin, spectacular scenery, a special section on Air Europe aircraft in action around the world and much more.... This program features 2 dvd's with more than 4 hours of great action!


Air Europe was my second WAR dvd. By watching this nice program I decided to go ahead to purchase the next WAR dvd's series as I like it so much. There is a good comparison between the B777-200ER of Boeing new generation series and the last version B767-300ER, on their Transatlantic route to Cuba and African route to Kenya. The Boeing 777 is considered the most favorite aircraft to fly on board nowadays. I should be thankful to Capt. Prato, Capt.Moleri and Capt.Imerio for their wonderful descriptions of the flights, walk arounds & cockpit presentations for the two aircraft types. Thanks to the Cabin Crews for the views of the on board service. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery in chapters 4 and 10 and views of the Air Europe fleet. Fantastic job by the WAR team!
Mohamed El Mohtasseb, FRANCE

I must say this is an excellent DVD on Air Europe for the following reasons. The length of the program makes it a very good deal. The scenery is very nice throughout the program and the camera work was as usual was fantastic. I loved the tour of destinations visited such as Mombasa, Kenya and I particularly enjoyed the camera work on the 767 as it is a very roomy cockpit and it enabled you to get a wonderful perspective from the windscreen on the very left just aft of the Captain's seat. All in all, a joy to watch and I have to start seeing what I don't have that I want to add to my library for it has been a while and I miss watching your videos. Thanks for this program!
Jeff Schapira, CANADA

Very good DVD. I just love this airplane, the 777 and you can learn many things with this video. Continue with this great work. This is a must have!
Aldo Lopez, MEXICO

Very-very good dvd! Congratulations to the crew!!

Jozsef Szaboki, HUNGARY

High quality DVDs, big emotions, really excellent  product! Thanks!
San Giovanni, ITALY

This dvd is so good that when my first Air Europe was stolen I bought it again!
Scott Newman, USA

Great congratulations for this DVD!! This is one perfect example, with the two swiss DVD's and some others about learnig too much about a specific aircraft and flight details. The part that most amazed me was the landing in the downpour at AVI. The part I most enjoyed was all, but specially the Mombasa touristic clip. Nice place to stay for a week or so. Once again, as whit other DVD's covering the indian ocean, those are very exotic places. Keep bringing us more DVD's of airlines in the area.
Eduardo Villasenor, MEXICO

This dvd is really good. You will see all about the 777 and the 767. And you will hear the atc communication in Cuba. In Cuba as here in south america, the atc communication are in spanish. And a pilot who is not familiar with spanish language, wont understand what the other pilots are doing. That is a big problem !! But you will see that the 777 has all the tecnology a pilot need, to solve this problem. Great job !!
Alejandro Appel, ARGENTINA

I have almost every DVD you have released so far, but this is one of my favorites.I love the Big Jets. And I can honestly say that I have flown all over the world by means of watching your DVD's. So keep them coming as I am looking forward to seeing more exotic locations. Thanks
Deonard Juett, USA

This was my first DVD that I had ordered. Believe me, outstanding DVD. The sounds are good and especially in the cockpit when the airplane is taking off or landing. I love to hear the sounds of airplanes. The views outside of the cockpit are outstanding. The shot of the mountain Kilimanjaro in Africa was very nice, the buildings and other airplanes flying above or beneath Air Europe were very nice also. There are two parts that I had loved the most. The first one is when Captain Prato lands the Boeing 777-200 at Cuba in bad weather. It was almost impossible to see outside of the cockpit. And the second one is when the same Boeing 777-200 is coming for a landing at St. Maarten. You must watch that part. Very nice to see. Excellent DVD. Just Planes, keep up the good work.
Shurendi Eisden, NETH  ANTILLES

"Excellent job, as much in video as in sound quality. Two extraordinary DVDs with great quality and content, as much for the aviation lovers as for those people who wish to enjoy a flight in a "big" (airplane) such as the 777. The combination of all technical aspects and the amazing images of the scenery, obtained during the flights, really make the purchase of those DVDs largely recommendable. Congratulations!
Miguel Angel De Gregorio, ARGENTINA

I tell you that I didn't regret getting this DVD the first day it was released. Currently I own 7 World Air Routes DVD and Air Europe is the best one out of all of them. One of my favorite scene from this DVD was the storm landing in Cuba which was completely amazing. Not to mention the view around Havana of buildings, cars and other things I never seen from Cuba before. Also, my second favorite part from the DVD was the flight from Kenya to Italy through via White & Blue Nile river which was beautifully shot! If you haven't got this DVD yet, you should not hesitate to get it, you won't regret it!
Gary Suha, CANADA

As one of the many people who designed the Boeing 777, the Air Europe and United DVDs are great!
James Pernikoff, USA

The Air Europe B777 & B767 DVD is sold out now and I believe that it will become a precious item! Excellent DVD! I expecially enjoyed the landing in Ciego De Avila in the pouring rain and the Italian Alps. Sometimes the pilots (Capt Prato, Capt Moleri and Capt Imerio) talk Italian language to each other and, being Italian, I love it!  I would recommend this Air Europe DVD to those of us who love to fly!
Francesco Agozzino, ITALY

Awesome DVD! It is fantastic! I've flown with both B767 and B777 of Air Europe.
Lorenzo Pomini, ITALY

Great DVD very nice shots ; brillant cockpit scenes especially in the 777 part. Nice product, worth every Euro!.
Ansgar Book, GERMANY

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B777-200 EI-CRT PE 2974 MXP-FCO 0h52

MXP Milan Malpensa, ITALY

FCO Rome Fiumicino, ITALY

B777-200 EI-CRT PE 2974 FCO-HAV 10h45

FCO Rome Fiumicino, ITALY

HAV Havana, CUBA

B777-200 EI-CRT PE 2968 HAV-AVI 0h40

HAV Havana, CUBA

AVI Ciego D'Avila, CUBA

B777-200 EI-CRT PE 2968 AVI-FCO 8h56

AVI Ciego D'Avila, CUBA

FCO Rome Fiumicino, ITALY

B767-300 EI-CNS PE 128 MXP-FCO 0h54

MXP Milan Malpensa, ITALY

FCO Rome Fiumicino, ITALY

B767-300 EI-CNS PE 128 FCO-MBA 6h44

FCO Rome Fiumicino, ITALY

MBA Mombasa, KENYA

B767-300 EI-CNS PE 6407 MBA-FCO 7h26

MBA Mombasa, KENYA

FCO Rome Fiumicino, ITALY

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Yesterday afternoon I received my DVD copy of Air Europe B777 & B767 that I ordered. After watching the whole program last night, I want to tell you that it is absolutely OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. This DVD of Air Europe/cockpits etc.. is such a great treat for those of us who love to fly. I particarly enjoyed the B767 portion as I was able to hear a lot of engine sounds/noises (which I love). I have flown on many B767's and enjoy them the most of the newer Boeing aircraft. Again, thank you for a great program. Please keep churning out these DVDs.
Stan Lenox, USA

Thus far I have purchased 2 videos (Sabena and South African Airways) and the latest Air Europe dvd, all I can say is wow, I am so in love with your programs as an aspiring commercial pilot I find great pleasure in viewing them. The Air Europe dvd with simply fantastic! I cant wait to buy more! keep up the good work.
Stephen Samuels, USA

Man, wow, no words can describe it.... awesome. Especially that approach in Cuba with the thunderstorm! Really worth the money... I suggest everyone buy it so World Air Routes can make more of this quality stuff. Cheers.
Lenny Zaman, BELGIUM

So far, I have purchsed the Air Do dvd which is very good, the Lan Chile dvd and the Air Europe B777. All of them are realy great! The Views in the cockpit are outstanding! Thanks very much!

Just wanted to let you know how great it is that you make these videos. I ordered Air Europe 777-200/767-300 DVD. Any way, all this to let you know how excited I am about the upcoming release of the United 777 DVD. Thanks for your time, and hope to see you in our friendly skies.
John Shutt, USA

A must have DVD!!! Great quality image and sound...Excellent job!
Carlos Diaz Azcue, ARGENTINA

The Air Europe Italy 777 footage is the best I have ever seen - excellent picture clarity, interesting communications inflight and beautiful scenary throughout. The landing in Ciego De Avila is very exciting in the pouring rain. Excellent DVD - I highly recommend it to everyone!
Brian Gustason, USA

I want to let you know that I enjoyed this program. Thank you for the great job!

Timothy Musan, USA

Just finished watching the Air Europe 777/767ER on DVD. really nicely done. lots of internal shots of the cockpit of the triple 7. very good video of the 777/767 taking off and landing. I enjoyed the grrrreat scenery of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, the Italian Alps, The Nile in Egypt, the 777 landing at St Maarten and lots of other goodies. Good job!
Michael Phillips, USA

Just wanted to let you know that I watched the first 2 DVDs that came out (Sabena 747) and (AirEurope 777). I was extremely pleased with the quality of both of them. I thought the latest VHS tapes were good....geeeezzz...this is more than I expected. The DVDs are so easy to store. I will be ordering more DVDs as they come out.
Jerry Henley, USA

Just finished watching your Air Europe DVD. I am very impressed with it, and hope more programes like that will come out before end of this year. Thanks i'll leave it in your hands, keep up the good work.
Adam Gungah, UK

Very cool stuff!! Great DVD, clear pictures, nice shots, etc...
Eric Gunawi, INDONESIA

Received the Air Europe DVD yesterday. Very nicely done.
Siegfried Reichmann,  AUSTRIA

This is my 4th dvd I purchased from you. I think this dvd is incredible. I recommend this dvd to everyone. Keep up the great work.
Jason Jackson, USA

This was my first DVD. It's excellent. Thanks.
Karn Rattanaprakarn, THAILAND

The Air Europe DVD is very good. Excellent quality images throughout.
David Von Pein, USA

Congratulations for this beautiful product.
Manuel Capela, PORTUGAL

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