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FILMED : 2011

TIME : 244 mins

PRICE : $30

Since being released in 2011 this program has continuously been a top seller and one of the most liked programs every produced by Just Planes, as a result we're delighted to be bringing this back in our new Download Store for our customers all over the world to continue to enjoy!

This latest Air Canada program is hosted by the airline's Sr Director of Flight Operations Captain Rick Allen who takes you on Air Canada's nonstop service from Toronto to Hong Kong and back becoming the longest route in the World Air Routes series! For close to 4 and a half hours you will be informed as to all aspects of the Polar Operation from the planning stages by the dispatcher building the flight plan to all the details the crew needs to execute this trip before and during the 15hour flight. Enjoy this latest Flight in the Cockpit!

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+ Polar Operations flight planning requirements & preparation presented by a Flight Dispatcher

+ Crew flight preparation at Flight Operations as well as in cockpit

+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists

+ Aircraft external walkaround inspection

+ Electronic Flight Bag presentation

+ ETOPS Procedures

+ Polar Flight Procedures including Solar Weather, Fuel Freeze etc...

+ Polar route from Toronto to Hong Kong

+ Pacific route from Hong Kong to Toronto

+ Special presentation by Capt Rick Allen on his career and how to become a pilot at Air Canada

+ Presentation by the Cabin Service Director on the life of a Flight Attendant

+ Cabin service including meals and drinks

+ Visit Crew Rest Area

+ Spectacular scenery over Greenland, Iceland, the North Pole, Russia, Mongolia, China & Alaska!

+ Views of Hong Kong en route from Airport to City

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



AC 015




HKG Hong Kong, CHINA

777-200LR C-FIUA

AC 016



HKG Hong Kong, CHINA


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+Wow these videos are great...excellent clear videos? and sound and what scenery. 
+Your ACA015 flight has to be the best DVD to date.The picture quality is superb.I particularly like the detailed dispatch section at the beginning.This is a part of international flight that I have allways wondered about and have never seen before. t.I’m looking forwards to your next Blu-ray release.   Andrew Sattler
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+Fantastic film! Stunning quality and very informative, showing what really happens "up the front" when your on your flight, and goes to show how professional and skilled the pilots are, as well as the flight crew. Keep up the outstanding work! Nick DeLisio
+I’ve been waiting 3 years for Just Planes and Air Canada to team up and cover this Polar flight, and the wait was well worth it! This program is Just Amazing on every level. I’m actually considering booking this YYZ-HKG flight with Air Canada just so I can experience what I saw on this program first hand. Thank you Just Planes and AC for giving us fans this fantastic addition to our collections. Kristof Barocz
+Excellent video and sound ! also love the landing into HKG, cockpit view! Its wonderful you also included filming the flight attendants doing their jobs, interesting to see behind-the-scenes. Adrian Chong
+Fantastic program from start to finish. Great flight crew, I would definitely rate this video among my favorite ones so far. Keep up bringing such great joyful programs for us to watch! Christoph Sebek
+I believe I just finished watching the new #1 production for Just Planes. I would like to thank Captain Rick Allen and his crew for graciously letting us fans experience this great flight. Michel & Udo have really raised the bar in 2011 and I think no one out there is capable of matching this great work.   George Alves
+I am so glad that we got to finally see a Polar . The scenery throughout the DVD was spectacular. The crew did an excellent job with the presentations. The dispatcher presentation was an interesting look at the preparation necessary for Polar flying.  Mark Wilson
+I have no words.... Absoluty amazing.  Pablo Gonzalez Gonzalez
+What a fantastic DVD to watch, and was a very informative four and a half hours, looking forward to future DVD programs. Daniel Morrissey

+This is just GREAT and taking the viewer to an area of the world which is not so much known aviation-wise. What I found most interesting was the dispatcher's presentation of how to come up with the best route and producing the Operational Flight Plan. Quite fascinating was the HF and CPDLC communication which seems to be rather marginal in the polar area. Keep up producing these.   Christoph Hunziker
+All I can say it is AMAZING! i love this movie, and 4 hours worth of video for 30 bucks is an amazing deal. S.King

+It comes as no surprise that once again Just Planes has revolutionized the art of aviation filming with the release of the Air Canada's 777LR Polar flight to Hong Kong. With so many wonderful reviews already describing this exceptional program, the only other comment I personally wanted to add, was by saying thank you to the one and only "Captain Rick Allen" for continuing your special relationship with Just Planes to bring aviation enthusiasts world wide these 5 star programs featuring Air Canada!  Brent Ktytor
+To everyone at JP, you really out did your self with this Fantastic video, Thanks to AC & Capt Allen for all there hard work. John Linder
+One word, WOW. I have never seen JustPlanes videos in such a high quality., this is the best JP production I own. It has everything, excellent production quality, wonderful crew interaction, crisp-AMAZING video! There is nothing else I want from JP in the future, other than more... Thanks JustPlanes! Kylan Walters
+There are a lot of aspects of Polar operations I was not familiar with; such as flights try to avoid flying directly over the North Pole. The reason for this is what a sudden change of direction; north to south would do the the autopilot. And there are other precautions such as using true compass headings instead of magnetic compass headings over the pole. The explanation by Flight Dispatcher McEwan was very helpful as he went over flight planning for a Polar flight. Captain Allen and his crew were wonderful in their explanations of their duties. Thank you for including a walk around in this DVD, the inflight service and the crew rest compartment. I could tell the pilots enjoyed flying for Air Canada and Captain Allen's sharing about how he got to where he is today. I'm sure you had to go through a lot to get him to fly this trip, and it definitely paid off. THANK YOU JUST PLANES FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN.   Michael Karpf

+Greatest flight video that i’ve ever seen! Excellent job, Meran Chusty
Another great production from Just Planes featuring a unique route for the 777-200LR. It was a great pleasure that Capt. Allen (Sr. Director of Flight Ops & Chief Pilot) himself have flown the flights in this program. Just Planes has done another AWESOME job in this production. The new cockpit shots (done in a different angle) during takeoff, landing and taxi was just great. I would highly recommend this program! I'd rate this at 5/5 stars. Roy Joven Benzonan
+My compliments to Air Canada for allowing Just Planes to film this DVD, as well as demonstrating, to everyone that has watched this DVD, that Air Canada is a very professional airline. It was for that reason why I choose to fly Air Canada to Montreal recently. The aircraft was an E175. The flight crew was a Captain Andre and a First Officer Jo-Ann. I had the opportunity to chat with the Captain prior to boarding and told him about the Air Canada DVDs. And I was able to see the cockpit before departure, both the Captain and his First Officer were truly professional pilots. John C. McCreery
+ We start with a lengthy explanation from the dispatcher, get the full treatment with the crew pre-flight, and fly two very long trips from Canada to Hong Kong, including take off, various activities in the cockpit en route, cabin activities with the flight attendants, and landing. We have multiple cameras in the cockpit plus more video of the aircraft on the ground than we often get in this series. Quality of the video itself is amazing, scenery is awesome, crew explanations are great, and you get to see things a normal person would not. A must buy for anyone who enjoys flight in the cockpit videos. There is nothing like this! Doctor Bob

+The best blu ray I've ever watch, the 777 is an amazing and beautiful beast, thank you just planes, this is one I recommend!. Leonardo Haeusler

+ I'v only had this for about a year I actually had to order it all the way from Australia after it got sold out on blu ray but it was well worth it  The Air Canada Polar Operations program is Polartastic!! that's how great it is I loved every minute of it Captain Allen was an fantastic host and I loved hearing his story about his career and the relationship between JustPlanes and Air Canada and I have to say thank you guys for making this fantastic program!!!  Andy Poppens

30mins with Flight Dispatcher on how to plan the Polar flight

AC015 to Hong Kong

Our 4 pilots for the 15 hour flight

External walkaround inspection of the 777

The scenery on this route is fantastic

more scenery over Canada

Scenery over Greenland

Preparing to enter the ETOPS part of our flight

Requesting our Oceanic Clearance

Receiving our Oceanic Clearance

Approaching the North Pole

Overflying the North Pole area

Rest of our route to Hong Kong

About to touch down at Hong Kong

Ready to depart Hong Kong for Toronto

View of Hong Kong after takeoff

Our friendly crew

Following the premium meal service

More nice views on the return trip

Sunset/Sunrise on the return flight

Visit to the crew rest area

Captain Rick Allen who made all this possible!

Great scenery over Alaska & Canada

Right overhead Whitehorse Airport

On short final at Toronto

About to touchdown at Toronto Airport