Air Canada, Canada's largest airline, becomes the 212th airline to join the World Air Routes. Filmed in 2008 this became the 1st volume in a very detailed series filmed over the next 6 years!

This program takes you in the cockpit for one of its longest routes from Toronto to Chile & Argentina. From the briefing at Operations you follow the crew as they prepare the flight and continuously keep you informed about what they are doing.




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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B767-300ER C-GHLQ AC 092 YYZ-SCL 9h57


SCL Santiago, CHILE

B767-300ER C-GBZR AC 092 SCL-EZE 1h35

SCL Santiago, CHILE

EZE Buenos Aires Ezeiza, ARGENTINA

B767-300ER C-GBZR AC 093 EZE-SCL 1h54

EZE Buenos Aires Ezeiza, ARGENTINA

SCL Santiago, CHILE

B767-300ER C-GBZR AC 093 SCL-YYZ 10h34

SCL Santiago, CHILE


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When reading all the reviews featuring Air Canada's 767-300ER and 777-300ER programs, there's really not much more you can add to these exceptional DVD's. Just Planes captures everything you want and hope for in these two programs and I highly recommend you don't order one without the other because they truly compliment each other. Air Canada, your fans have spoken when you treated us with two fantastic long haul video's and I only hope that we get to experience your regional network with shorter flight's featuring your new EJets as well as the CRJ with Jazz.

Brent Ktytor, CANADA

This DVD is full of great information and stunning visuals. The pilots do a great job explaining the special flight rules near the Andes Mountains. Not only does this DVD give you a great impression of the 767 but of Air Canada's South American operations. This program is a must buy for any 767 fan.

Kristof Barocz, CANADA

A great DVD, very informative, however, a walkaround would have added greatly to the program. Also although through many WAR DVDs I've seen the cockpit presentation, it would have been nice to see the whole presentation and not just the overhead panel. Saying that I still really enjoyed the program and got a lot out of it.

Mick Robinson

A dvd that explores the range of the 767-300ER right to the end. You can see what it is like going through a sqwall line, and it shows quite an active one. This is a demanding flight and you can notice that quite easily in the footage. I would recommend this one to those out there wanting to be professional pilots or that want to get a taste of what it is like to fly long haul. Well done!

David Pereira

I have made that trip !!! (after viewing the video.) While on board the plane I just could relate to every step !! This made my flights a lot more enjoyable. This is my favorite DVD so far!

Andre Tremblay, CANADA

My second WAR DVD. This program is informative and entertaining at the same time. The Canadian crew was very professional and accomodating at the same time. The best part of this DVD is the special altitude restrictions that were observed while cruising around the Andes mountains. This DVD is probably one of the best in the WAR series!

Roy Joven T. Benzonan, UAE

As a Canadian i was very excited and quite proud to see this dvd lived up to expectations with great views out of the cockpit of the Andes mountain range and the relaxed professionalism of the flight crew at work.the B767 is one of my favourite airplanes! i would highly recommend this dvd and it is a very welcome addition to an already top notch catalogue. Ihope there is more to come from AIR CANADA,THANKS VERY MUCH!

Tony Plowden, CANADA

I will also agree with Allan and John that this presentation of the 767 is one of the best. What excellent crew we have to show us their home and what goes on in their world. I especially liked the explanation of their route across the Andes esp. if an engine fails. I have well over 100 of the WAR series and this production is one of the best.

Simon Cordall, UK

The DVDs is very entertaining, I must agree with the comment made by Allan Stiff of Toronto , Canada . I would like to add that the DVD ranks among some the best Videos/DVDs made by Just Planes/World Air Routes.

John C. McCreery, USA

I have watched the Air Canada B763 DVD and it is absolutely amazing. It's interesting to hear about how the airlines operate at outside stations, how the pilots self-brief, deviations for weather, considerations for an MTOW (max takeoff weight) departure and the difficulties of language barriers. Perhaps my favorite part of the DVD was the explanation of safe routes given the high altitudes of South America. It is very easy to understand the pilots' explanations and arrival briefing. As the owner of 17 WAR DVDs this is my absolute favorite. I thought you guys couldn't top the Austrian 763 DVD, but you were able to do it. Keep up the great work.

Jacob Lee ; Baltimore MD, USA

This DVD ranks up there with the Austrian 767 DVD. Loved the arrival into SCEL!

Allan Stiff ; Toronto, CANADA

I just received the Air Canada 767-300 dvd, I already have 15 dvds and I have to say that this is the best one in my collection. The explanations that Capt Eldred gives us couldn’t be better, absolutely fantastic. Great job again world air routes.

Marcel Laroche, CANADA

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