FILMED : 2011

TIME : 250 mins

PRICE : $30


The Airbus A330 joined Air Canada's fleet in 1999. The airline operates 8 aircraft mostly on transatlantic routes to London as well as other destinations such as Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich etc... 


On this program you join our crew from a roundtrip on the Toronto - Montreal - Brussels route which was inaugurated in June 2010 with a B767 and upgraded to an A330 in June 2011. In addition the program features bonus footage filmed on the Toronto - Frankfurt and Mumich - Frankfurt routes.

+ Full A330 presentation.. more than 4 hours long!

+ Preflight Planning

+ External Aircraft Walkaround

+ Cockpit Preparations & Set-Up

+ Departure & Arrival Briefings

+ Emergency Briefings

+ Cockpit Presentations

+ Oceanic & ETOPS Presentations

+ Multi-Camera use of 5 cameras!!!

+ More angles/views than ever!

+ Bonus flight to Frankfurt

+ Bonus flight from Munich


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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



AC 832






YUL Montreal Dorval, CANADA



AC 833






YUL Montreal Dorval, CANADA




AC 876

AC 847





FRA Frankfurt, GERMANY


Our crew for the Brussels flight

and our pilots...

Follow the Captain on his walkaround

Continuous explanations by our pilots!

5 cameras used... here the Captain side angle

Copilot side angle

Fantastic view on takeoff in Montreal

and landing in Brussels!

Main pilot view

Mid-Cockpit view

Rear cockpit view

Wing view on takeoff and landing!

and the always famous Pilots Eye View!

Lots of scenery... here Toroto

the airport of Montreal during our approach

the airport of Brussels en route to Frankfurt

Listen in to a conversation with other aircraft

whenever possible we show other traffic

Full Cockpit presentation!

More details including Oceanic/Etops procedures

A great sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean

and some views of the cabin service


Highlights of this flight include Oceanic crossing procedures and fascinating views from the flight deck, including a wonderful view of Brussels on approach. Needless to say, the flight crew did a great job of keeping the viewers entertained during the trip as they take most opportunities to explain various procedures during the flight.

Our return trip to Montreal starts off with a take off in stormy weather out of Brussels. After reaching cruise altitude the First Officer and Captain gives a very thorough cockpit presentation of the A330. Another highlight was the moment an Air France B777 flew alongside the A330 and the Captain tells the Air France pilots that if they want to see themselves on DVD they should check out Just

After a great landing in Montreal and a quick crew change, it’s off to Toronto where we begin our next Atlantic flight to Frankfurt and return to Toronto via Munich. Highlights of this flight included a flight planning segment with the flight crew in the operations center of Air Canada followed by a lovely night departure out of Toronto.

On our way to Frankfurt we overfly many airports including Brussels which we visited on our previous flight. Landing in Frankfurt was uneventful and it provided a nice view of Germany while on approach. Our return flight mainly featured our Captain providing a lot of details of the flight ahead and before you know it, it’s back to Toronto where the amazing A330 journey ends.

This DVD was very entertaining and the flight crew was very professional and conversational as is the norm with Air Canada pilots. I wish that more major airlines would embrace this opportunity to give their customers a behind the scenes look at what it takes to operate their airline.

I long for the day when Delta, JetBlue, FedEx and others will open their doors to Just Planes. Until then I would highly recommend this Air Canada A330 DVD.

Once again, this DVD was an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $30 each they are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you what to see or do something aviation related but also want to enjoy the comforts of home. Just Planes have really stepped up their editing and production of their DVDs and I am sure we will continue to see more innovations in their future products.

Reviewed by AvSim


Air Canada doesn't stop, but at the same time Just Planes made me happy yet again. After the purchase of 777-200LR I was hoping that someday Just Planes would release an A330-300 Air Canada DVD, and they did. The variety of angles and features the DVD has, just stunned me the same way as the previous Air Canada DVDs. The detailed presentation of pretty much all cockpit and general airplane surroundings was simply amazing. I have always enjoyed Airbuses, this DVD was a perfect addition to my previously owned Just Planes and Air Canada DVDs. Just Planes, I have only few more words for you - keep them coming and thank you!

Konstantin Kharlamov, CANADA

Thanks again just planes for another great dvd. Cockpit presentation, scenery and especially the filming. Absolutely great ! This one was special as I flew with Cpt Paduano back in the 80’s. Marcel Laroche, CANADA

I want to congratulate and thank Air Canada and Just Planes for producing yet another great DVD. As usual, the crews at Air Canada were great and the route choices were very interesting with some nice scenery. The air to air views over the Atlantic were spectacular. The use of all the different camera angles make it even more professional. I really enjoyed the wing views between YUL and YYZ during takeoff and landing which I hope will continue in further productions. It just adds that final touch to the production giving the viewer 'all' the possible angles. The landing in Toronto from Montreal was one of the softest I have seen. I noticed the spoilers going up before I even thought the plane was on the ground! Thanks again and looking forward to the next Air Canada production... Mark, CANADA

Once again Air Canada and Just Planes have teamed up to provide aviation fans with a stellar DVD ! The side view of the pilots during take off and landing is simply breathtaking. I finally got see an outside inspection of an aircraft at Toronto's Pearson Airport. The pilot commentary and input is very informative and entertaining. Great job Air Canada and Just Planes! I'm truly impressed by Air Canada's crew and flight deck procedures, and by Just Planes's ability to make all of their amazing programs just a little bit unique.   Kristof Barocz, CANADA

Another great program from Just Planes and Air Canada, this time on the A330-300  First a nice pre-flight briefing by the Captain and First Officer for the 1st leg of the trip from Toronto to Montreal. Then a very nice walkaround presentation, followed by a beautifully filmed departure from several camera angles. Then the stop in Montreal before departing onwards to Brussels with an Oceanic procedures presentation. Details of the approach and landing at Brussels are presented, followed by the arrival there. Then onto the departure, en route over the North Atlantic with a description of ETOPS procedures and a detailed cockpit tour , followed by a brief look at the cabin service.A major feature of this flight is the dramatic air to air photography of a BA 777, 900 feet below the AC A330 and 1 mile to the right and an AF 777, 2000 feet below and 1 mile to the left, demonstrating the North Atlantic strategic latteral offset procedure. This is spectacular! After arriving at Montreal, we take a seat in the cabin for the continuation of the trip into Toronto. A rear treat for a cabin flight on a very large airplane! Bonus material include a trip from Toronto to Frankfurt and Munich to Toronto with some nice presentations. Thank You Just Planes and Air Canada for another very enjoyable program! Greg Rowland, USA

I first want to start off and sincerely thank Air Canada for their participation in this great series. Their participation and willingness to go all out is very much appreciated by all of us out there who have a passion for aviation. This latest release yet again raises the bar to a new standard of filming. The true meaning of multi-camera use is very evident through out the program. All angles are covered from takeoffs to landings. The flight deck crew was outstanding and very gracious. Their insights and willingness to participate is what makes this production a keeper. The quality and clarity is outstanding as always in a Just Planes production. I also want to mention that a walk around was allowed in YYZ and that was very much appreciated. Udo and Michel, great work as always and looking forward to more fantastic releases.  George  Alves, USA

My compliments to Captain Enzo Paduano and First Officer Lee Brown (YYZ-YUL-BRU-YUL); Captain Clyde Molley (YUL-YYZ & MUC-YYZ); First Officer Yvan Robichaud (YUL-YYZ); Captain Richard Sowden and First Officer Reid McLeod (YYZ-FRA); and First Officer (Co-Pilot) John Vandeloo and First Officer (Relief Pilot) Patrick Howell (MUC-YYZ). It is these eight men, along with Udo Schaefer; that are responsible for making this dvd a blockbuster. Captain Paduano does a great job with his walkaround, as well as his presentation; while First Officer Brown does a terrific job with his presentation. I was also impressed with Captain Sowden and Captain Molley – Both men, along with Captain Paduano and First Officer Brown demonstrated, once again, that Air Canada is one professional airline. And Udo Schaefer, has done it again with the great scenery, as well as the cockpit scenes.   John C. McCreery, USA

I have the other Air Canada programs as well (767, 777-200LR to SYD and Polar Operations) and as expected, the crews did an outstanding presentation - which leaves the viewers well-educated after watching. The new multiple cockpit views during takeoff and landing are most welcomed.

I'm really not an Airbus fan and through this video, I gained a deeper understanding and clearer insight about it's operations. Very clear images and audio quality, ATC communication was well recorded. Congratulations Just Planes for another successful production! Another highly recommended program! Rating at 5/5!

Roy Joven Benzonan, UAE

I recently purchased the above and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying watching it! It really is fantastic, so much so that I spent most of yesterday watching it and doing little else! I'll definately be purchasing more of your films!

Jim Cowan, UK