FILMED : 2011

TIME : 223 mins

PRICE : $30

Air Canada took delivery of its first Airbus A320 on Jan 25th 1990 becoming the 1st airline in Canada to operate the type. The A319 joined the fleet in 1996 while the A321 was added in 2001. Today the airline operates a fleet of 89 aircraft composed of 38 A319s, 41 A320s and 10 A321s on routes as far North as Anchorage, as far South as Caracas and all the way to Europe with its St John's to London Heathrow route. This is the 1st time our series features a flight to Bermuda and Orlando!


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+ Close to 4 hours in dept A320 presentation

+ A320 Fleet Manager Presentation

+ Multi-camera views, 4 cameras in cockpit!

+ Includes Pilots, Instruments, Runway, Sideviews

+ Detailed Pre-Flight Briefings, Checklists

+ Takeoff & Landing Briefings

+ Detailed Pilot Presentations all along the flights

+ Navigating over Cuba & Oceanic to Bermuda

+ Cockpit Presentations

+ Aircraft External Walkaround

+ 1st flight to the USA in the Air Canada series!

+ 1st flight to Bermuda & Orlando in the series!

+ Special "scenic" departure out of Bermuda

+ Great Scenery and many airports along the way



Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



AC 942

AC 943








AC 982

AC 983






MBJ Montego Bay, JAMAICA









MCO Orlando, USA

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Reviewed by AvSim

Air Canada has been a fantastic contributor in the world of Aviation documentaries with nearly 7 DVDs filmed by Just Planes. I surely hope that U.S airlines such as Delta, Jetblue and others will follow. Our flight onboard the A319/321 takes us to many exciting destinations such as Bermuda, Orlando and Montego Bay Jamaica! Let’s check out some of the highlights.

We start off with an introduction by the fleet manager as he discusses his role and other interesting bits of information on the Air Canada A319/320/321 fleet and their destinations.

Our flight from Toronto to Bermuda features a detailed briefing and cockpit preflight checks. During the climb/cruise phase of flight the captain talks about routing, RVSM and the level of concentration needed for flying through the busy east coast airspace. One can’t help but notice the fantastic team work among the pilots at Air Canada. They are very professional yet very down to earth and friendly. Final highlights of our first round trip flight include an beautiful approach over the turquoise waters into Bermuda, walk around presentation and a nice landing back at Toronto with rain and low visibility.

Our second round trip takes us from Toronto to the beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica. Highlights of this trip start off with a rainy day departure from Toronto and an interesting presentation by the captain on routing and interchanging with flying the A319, 320 and 321. Other highlights include flying over the famous Cape Canaveral, Palm Beach Airport and Boca Raton Airport. Viewers will also be blown away by the beautiful approach into Montego Bay which also includes replay from various camera views. On our return trip we fly over the beautiful islands of the Bahamas and during the lighter workload moments of our flight, the F.O can be seen reading the Just Planes anniversary Brochure! We finally arrive safe and sound at Toronto at night with a beautiful view of the skyline.

Finally, our last round trip takes us from Toronto to Orlando. While this leg didn’t feature any thing different to our previous flights, I found it fun to be able to see an approach into a U.S airport from the cockpit of the Airbus. It isn’t common for Just Planes to be featuring U.S flights nowadays due to many strict regulations that are now in effect by many airlines. One can only hope that we get to see more U.S flights in the future. So how would I rate this DVD? Well just as other Air Canada DVDs this one gets 10/10. The editing, presentations and unique destinations makes this DVD a must have.

+ This is definitely one of my favourites in the AC series only behind the 777LR to Australia. It is also one of my favourites from the entire World Air Routes collection. I just love the Airbus A320 family of aircraft, the routes were very well chosen, and great camerawork and scenery. As always with Air Canada programs the crews were great and gave nice presentations. The approaches were all very nice, especially the night landing back in Toronto. I was very happy that the DVD included a flight to the U.S. and I hope further AC programs will also feature U.S. destinations. A fantastic job as always. Mark Wilson

+ Just wanted to tell you that I am fascinated. You all do such a nice job!!!! Keep up the great work. David Weed

+ In my opinion it is one of the best dvd featuring the A319/A321. Director Udo Scheafer does a wonderful job from beginning to end. Starting with Fleet Manager Jim Dunnett, with his Introduction/Presentation; followed by Captain Jeff Dennis (pilot to/from Bermuda) and Captain Peter Soltau (co-pilot to/from Bermuda); then Captain Geoff Greif (assisted by First Officer Christine Lyon) on the A321 flights; and finally Captain Peter Soltau (who is in the left seat this time), assisted by First Officer Jeff LacLellan, on the Orlando flights. The scenery on all of the flights was excellent: including scenes of the airports in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach; as well as the takeoffs/landings at all three destinations featured. Great cockpit presentations, as well as the workaround in Bermuda, as well as the takeoffs/landings briefings and flight progress. GREAT JOB AIR CANADA and JUSTPLANES. John McCreery

+ Another fantastic video from Worldairroutes! The AC A319/321 video is well done with extremely professional and friendly flight crews. These Air Canada pilots set a high standard for professionalism. The camera work on all three roundrtrips is impressive. Brian Gustafson

+ I think this DVD is a must have. Great production, great crews, and a great fleet appear on this DVD. I want to congratulate you for traveling all the world to do this marvellous productions. Another great thing on this DVD is the resolution of the video, the HD looks amazing. Thank you very much. Rafa Hemsani

+ This latest Air Canada DVD is Just Amazing! The fleet manager, crew, scenery and the video quality is topnotch! Just Plane's Air Canada collection is a must have for all aviation enthusiasts. Thank you Just Planes for another great production and a very big thank you to Air Canada for letting us see your Airbus A32X operations in detail. Kristof Barocz

+ I really enjoyed this program, flight informations, cockpit presentation, crews, sceneries all great. I’m up to my 45th DVD and I must say that the Air Canada ones are the best, of course being An Air Canada retiree Ha ! Ha ! Marcel Laroche

+ Another great Air Canada production yet again. I am not much of an Airbus fan but I could not resist purchasing the DVD. It was great to see a US airport and the other routes were great too. The Air Canada crews continue to amaze me with their enthusiastic participation in the series. Congrats Michel & Udo on another hit! George Alves

+ I do like this program very much - as I do like the other Air Canada DVDs- because of the Pilots give many explanations and are very competent and friendly. I also enjoyed the landing into Toronto by night very much. I have all Air Canda DVDs and they are all great. Sven

+ I must say this is an impressive ride on the Air Canada A320 family. This caught my eye by being one of the only modern cockpit DVD's with 100% of the legs passing through U.S. airspace. Craig Cestari

Presentation by Air Canada A320 Chief Pilot

Setting up the cockpit for our 1st flight

Takeoff from Toronto

Going over the arrival at Bermuda

Bermuda Airport in sight

On final at Bermuda

Touching down


Our aircraft at Bermuda

Great views on departure from Bermuda

Low visibility approach into Toronto

Preparing the approach

On final at Toronto

Touching down

On our way to Jamaica

Over Florida

FLL Airport

On final at Montego Bay

Touching down in Jamaica

Departing Montego Bay

First Officer Christine reviews the Just Planes Brochure ;)


Preparing the arrival into Toronto

Starting our descent

Beautiful night approach

On final at Toronto

Captain Peter preparing the Orlando flight

Rotating at Toronto

Florida coastline

On final at Orlando

Departing Orlando

Orlando International Airport

Over Orlando

An Air Canada plane in opposite direction

2 more airports...

...on the way back to Toronto