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Filmed in 2011 - Released in 2012

Operating an Airbus A319 across the Atlantic is a very rare occurance however Air Canada has 2 A319s configured for ETOPS operations and they are servicing the Newfoundland to London route during the summer season. We were not only lucky enough to be able to present this operation to you but we actually cover a check ride in which a Captain gets his ETOPS qualification so you can discover everything about ETOPS in details with 2 pilots eager to present every aspect of this sort of operation to you. Bonus is a flight in and out of Heathrow captured both in the cockpit and from the cabin with a great wing view. Many other features make this yet another fantastic Air Canada program!


The one word to me that best describes this latest release from Just Planes is SPECTACULAR! I have wanted Just Planes to film this particular route and my prayers were answered. I honestly can say this is the best Etops DVD I have seen. Both Captains did a stupendous job in keeping the viewer informed throughout all the flights. Not surprising to find great crews on an Air Canada Just Planes production. I enjoyed the cabin service and the wing views into and out of LHR. This DVD has everything that you could want to see. At the end of the DVD, during the descent into YYZ, I thought it was a nice touch when Captain Bartlett mentioned Just Planes duing his PA address to the passengers. This is a must have DVD and another great production!

George Alves, USA

I have been waiting for this program ever since Captain Rick Allen mentioned that the A319 ETOPS route to London had been filmed. This was another amazing Air Canada program with great crews. For those out there that doubt the quality of Blu-ray, it is well worth the investment to enjoy these programs to the fullest. The picture quality was superb as always. I liked the wing view into and out of London. But one of the highlights of the program for me was the sunrise over the North Atlantic. Those never get old. I thank Air Canada once more for their continued participation and as always look forward to the next one.
Mark Wilson, CANADA

In my opinion, you can't have the Air Canada series without the A319 ETOPs DVD. My compliments to both Captain Mike Rhados (training for ETOPs in the left seat) and Check Captain Brian Bartlett (supervising from the right seat). Both Captains have done a wonderful job in making this DVD entertaining.
John McCreery, USA

Join this fantastic crew onboard Air Canada’s specially equipped ETOPS A319. This program is extremely enjoyable, Captain Bartlett and his colleague do a great job explaining the details of this unique narrow body-transatlantic flight. Even though ETOPS procedures have been explained in previous programs, I found the A319 ETOPS presentation to be very well done. I learned a lot of new things about ETOPS planning, plotting and procedures thanks to the flight crew. The cinematography is simply breathtaking, the sunrise over the Atlantic, wing views and flight deck shots really make you feel like you’re in the cockpit. Just Planes and Air Canada have done an amazing job, the B777-200LR Polar operations , the E-190 winter operations and now this A319 ETOPS program gives aviation enthusiasts a front-row seat on some of the most unique flights in the world. Terrific job JustPlanes and Air Canada!
Kristof Barocz, CANADA

Captain Bartlett did a great job of presenting us the etops operations on the A319. Great DVD.

Marcel Laroche, CANADA

As much as I am a "heavy" fan, I decided to give it a shot and to try something in between. I already felt that this Air Canada A319 presentation would be just as good as others therefore I gave it a shot and tell you what, what a surprise! I never saw it coming, it was interesting for me to see this Airbus A319 operation. How a short-medium range airliner could pull this thing off. The detailed presentation and explanation of the transatlantic crossing as well as the interesting and to a point tough arrivals were a thing attract your attention. The flight crew (as always) did an amazing job at providing all possible explanations and descriptions, whether it was the route or the cockpit overview ... nothing was missed. This DVD really bring out all the details and extra points which you do not see in the long hauls.

Being Canadian, I enjoy watching the Air Canada DVDs and this video was a great addition. As I always say Keep Them Coming just planes. Thank you.

Konstantin Kh, CANADA

Just finished viewing the AC A319 ETOPS video. One of the best I have ever watched. The pilots were awesome. Great to see them share so much detail during the flights. The bar has been set high for future presentations. And thanks to Just Planes for an excellent and entertaining production.
Greg Whibbs, CANADA

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+ Cockpit filming using 4 cameras for multiple views on takeoff & landing!

+ Cabin filming for wing views for descent, landing, takeoff and climb in London

+ Crew flight preparation at Flight Operations as well as in cockpit

+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists

+ External walkaround

+ Very detailed presentation of ETOPS Operations

+ Presentation of special equipment required for ETOPS

+ Bad weather approaches in Newfoundland

+ Cabin service

+ Great scenery en route and during arrivals and departures

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A319 C-GITP AC 696 YYZ-YYT 2h33


YYT  St John's, CANADA

A319 C-GITP AC 822 YYT-LHR 4h20

YYT  St John's, CANADA

LHR London Heathrow, UK

A319 C-GITR AC 823 LHR-YYT 5h08

LHR London Heathrow, UK

YYT  St John's, CANADA

A319 C-GITR AC 695 YYT-YYZ 3h00

YYT  St John's, CANADA




Departing from Air Canada's main hub

Walkaround of A319

Taxiing out of our gate area

Nice view of Toronto after takroff

On final approach at St John's...

...with rain plus fog on 2nd approach

Oceanic crossing

Nice sunrise before the descent into London

Many different angles on this program...

Including flying pilot...

Pilot views...

and even wings views from the cabin

Our aircraft at Heathrow Airport

Departing London

Good views of the Heathrow terminals...

... and the latest Terminal 5

A look at the inflight service...

... including Business Class

Very complete presentation of the...

...ETOPS operation on AC's A319s

A look at ETOPS on the Oceanic map

As always, nice scenery on the way.