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Filmed in 2012 - Released in 2012

For the 1st time in the fantastic Air Canada series you get to experience a program featuring domestic destinations within Canada! In addition this program was filmed in winter to allow you to discover the airline's winter operation including de-icing and other procedures used in cold weather and low visibility. The Embraer 190 is a very versatile aircraft as far as the routes it operates for Air Canada with short distance flights such as Toronto-Ottawa which lasts around 40 minutes and long distance flights such as Toronto-Kelowna which lasts close to 4 and a half hours! As you can see below we feature 3 sets of crews, including the Embraer Fleet Manager, with all pilots giving you the usual Air Canada treatment with continuous explanations and presentations!


I just finished watching another amazing production from Just Planes. It was great to see Air Canada return to the series with some very interesting winter flying. The crews were very informative and very engaging as always when it comes to Air Canada. What I especially enjoyed was the de-icing procedures in YYZ and all the taxi footage that was included. Great scenery and crystal clear blu ray quality will not disappoint and I urge everyone to purchase this one. Michel & Udo, great release as always and I am hoping for more Air Canada productions in the furture.

George Alves, USA

I wanted to thank you for another very interesting DVD from Air Canada with the E-190. I just got finished watching the video DVD and I enjoy it very much, I was really happy with the way the flight crews explained everything about the flights from the pre flight planning to Cockpit set up, It really looks complicated programming all the stuff into the FMS, But they make it look so Easy, I enjoyed the views while in flight. Truly amazing!! I especially like the flight over the mountains, That was Cool. I would recomend this video to everyone who is interested. I would like to thank everyone at Just Planes and Air Canada crews for making this Great Video.

John Linder, USA

Another very interesting and informative Air Canada program, this one concentrating on operations in the snow and ice of the Canadian winter with domestic flights inside of Canada and featuring the E190. As always, the pilots do a great job on their presentations. The first trip is a demonstration of Toronto's central de-icing facility, showing how organized and efficient it is on a very icy day. This flight to Saskatoon, arrives in beautiful but very cold weather, with a great view of the city on final approach. The next trip to Kelowna runs into below minimum weather, requiring holding until marginal weather allows a landing. This trip includes fantastic views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The return to Toronto features a long and well presented cockpit presentation and a nice landing. The final roundtrip, to and from Ottawa, features a short but interesting review of the history of Ottawa given by the Captain. There are very nice views of the city on a cold but clear day, with the return to Toronto featuring beautiful views directly over Pearson International Airport on a very clear day. A big thank you to Air Canada and Just Planes for yet another great program on one of the worlds great airlines!

Greg Rowland, USA

I really enjoyed this new Air Canada program, as always. The scenery looks stunning in Blu-ray and as always the Air Canada crews were great. The flight to and from Kelowna over the Rockies was spectacular on Blu-ray. I also wanted to thank you for finally coming back to Ottawa. The scenic approach into Ottawa over downtown was amazing. I am looking forward to the next great Air Canada program.
Mark Wilson, CANADA

Just bought this DVD - and it's awesome. Thank you JustPlanes.

thedoctor4690 / You Tube

This has to? be the best video JustPlanes have made! I don't understand how you guys are capable of making better videoes EVERY time?!?
elyasf / You Tube

You? AC videos are the best! Bring out more!! :D
worldspottingexhibit / You Tube

Gotta love? Air Canada vids :)
EagleHANtsi / You Tube

More videos like? these please!
ShutUpAndFly / You Tube

Wow!? Awesome :)
jeeheee / You Tube

What wonderful video, gentlemen captains! The quality is exceptional, the sound and pictures are perfect, and especially the conversations between the captains, information, explanations. All very well done.
Rubens000001 / You Tube

awesome? video
JamaicanBlogger / You Tube

One of your? best vids, eh? Ya hosers lol
RocknRacin  / You Tube

Awesome video! I'm really liking this? EMB-190.
bradsterman413  / You Tube

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+ Cockpit filming using 4 cameras for multiple views on takeoff & landing!

+ Crew flight preparation at Flight Operations as well as in cockpit

+ Cockpit Set-up , Briefings, Checklists

+ De-Icing procedures, checklists

+ Toronto De-Icing facility

+ Low Visitibility Approach procedures

+ Special requested scenic approach in Ottawa

+ Cockpit Presentation

+ Beautiful scenery of Canada in winter!

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
EMB-190 C-FLHL AC 1121 YYZ-YXE 3h09


YXE Saskatoon, CANADA

EMB-190 C-FLHL AC 1122 YXE-YYZ 2h59

YXE Saskatoon, CANADA


EMB-190 C-FFYJ AC 196 YYZ-YLW 4h22



EMB-190 C-FFYJ AC 197 YLW-YYZ 3h52



EMB-190 C-FLHL AC 448 YYZ-YOW 0h42



EMB-190 C-FLHL AC 453 YOW-YYZ 0h50





De-icing calculations

Toronto De-Ice Facility

De-Icing Checklists

Winter weather departing Toronto

Whenever possible our series always...

...focuses on scenery on the way

Approaching Saskatoon

Overflying the US on the way to Kelowna

Low Visibility procedures

Initial descent into Kelowna with great views

Minimum visibility into Kelownna

EMB-190 Cockpit Presentation

Night approach into Toronto

Calculating takeoff figures

Approaching Ottawa

Special scenic approach into Ottawa

Fantastic views of Toronto's Pearson Airport

On short final at Toronto

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