FILMED : 2011-12

TIME : 270 mins

PRICE : $30

Our viewers have been requesting more US Airports for a long time and we're delighted to bring you the 10th Air Canada program featuring all US Airports, and not just any airports. For the 1st time in the World Air Routes series we're happy to bring you Denver International, Washington Reagan National as well as New York La Guardia!  We're also happy to welcome back Captain Jeff Lewis of the Aviators who many of you enjoyed on our Embraer 190 Caribbean program.


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+ Pre-flight preparation at Flight Operations

+ Cockpit preparation

+ Cockpit Set-up

+ Cockpit Configuration

+ Pilot Briefings

+ Checklists

+ Airport Departure & Arrival Charts

+ Aircraft Logbook

+ Flying into Denver for the 1st time in the series!

+ Flying into New York's La Guardia for the 1st time in the series!

+ Flying into Washington National for the 1st time in the series!

+ Fantastic scenery and amazing city & airport views!



Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations



AC 713

AC 701






LGA New York La Guardia, USA









DEN Denver, USA


AC 304

AC 305






DCA  Washington Reagan National, USA

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+ This release was a very pleasant surprise. Any release featuring Air Canada is a guaranteed hit but this one is very unique. First of all, the routes featured are all firsts for the series. I thought filming these particular routes into the US was virtually impossible but Just Planes made it happen. It was great see too see the return of Captain Jeff Lewis and the wonderful insight he brings to the program . As always we were given great presentations through out the flights. Captain Nigel Jackson was great too and had a wonderful sense of humor. Udo as always never fails to impress. I never get tired of seeing the great Air Canada crews and their enthusiasm. Thanks for another great program! George Alves

+ Nice video! FH

+ Captain Jackson is the best ever! Seems he was born to fly! Siobhan Jackson

+ Very cool, what a friendly entertaining flight crew. Great job JustPlanes. AF

+ These captains were both outstanding, showing that flying is still a joy even when you mix work with pleasure. Very inspiring for an aviation student.? Brady Dixon

+ Beautiful job thank you. Albert Froz

+ Great Captains both of to fly with guys that love the profession so much and are so skilled in flying. I got to admit after watching almost all of justplanes Air Canada programs their pilots are one of the best i've watched in terms of CRM and flying skill. CP

+ Wonderful Camera work and editing. Bravo! SBF

+ Another great program on Air Canada! Capt Jeff Lewis does very nice presentations of preflight planning, documentation, cockpit configuration and navigation charts for the various phases of the flights. Nice scenery at both destinations as filmed by multiple cameras in the cockpit adds even more interest to this program. Great views of NY City on arrival and departure, with a direct overflight of Manhattan on the early morning departure, which also features a beautiful sunrise takeoff. The Washington trip features many of that city historic landmarks. A nice addition to this program is a Toronto-Denver roundtrip on the EMB-190 with Captain Nigel Jackson also doing a great job on his presentations on this cold winter day which includes the necessity of de-icing before departure and interesting en route scenery of the frozen Northern US. Arrival in Denver includes a simultaneous parallel approach and landing and a possible birdstrike just prior to touchdown which is captured on the windshield camera. More good en route scenery on the return to Toronto including a tour of the Denver Airport on taxi for takeoff. A big thank you to Just Planes & Air Canada for yet another fantastic program! Looking forward to the next one! Greg Rowland

+ Great program. Keep it up. Steve Evans

+ Absolutely loved it. Prashant Dash

+ Got the program this morning, and already watched YYZ-LGA and back. What a treat! I already own the Air Canada Winter Ops Blu Ray EMB-190 but this is a great addition to my growing JustPlanes collection. I particularly love the early morning departure out of LGA, with great shots of both the cockpit with storm lights, as well as NYC. Great job yet again Just Planes!

+ Great video , thank you very much all people of JustPlanes you are the best ever Jose Garces

+ Your cinematic ability and? editing skill are simply supreme ! These videos are surely inspirational for us young aspiring pilots. And nice to see Cpt. Lewis again!

+ Enjoyed Cpt. Lewis in the other AC E-175 DVD. Nice to see him back again BK

+ Awesome video. Thomas Schute