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Filmed in 2003 - Released in 2004

Air Bourbon, based at St Denis on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, was created in November 2002. The airline's first aircraft, an Airbus A340-200, also happens to have been Air Tahiti Nui's first aircraft which was featured in the World Air Routes previously, operates on routes from St Denis to Europe. The airline is known for its superior quality of service.
The program takes you in the cockpit for a roundtrip flight from Paris Orly Airport to Reunion Island. Our Captain, also an instructor for the company, will explain all the steps the crew needs to go through before and during the flight as well as presenting the cockpit of the A340 in detail with some remarks for flight simulator users. We also visit the cabin for a look at the airline's inflight service.


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Congratulations for this other DVD ! This one is very technical. Special thanks to top class Captain Dumat for his profesionalism, patience and his taste to share his passion with us. The cockpit presentation was sincerly excellent !


I enjoyed this program alot. Witnessing the operation of the heavy Airbus was very interesting, and the flight crew gave excellent presentations. The spectacular views along the way added to the enjoyment of the program. Thank you very much, I look forward to continued dvd releases!

Luke Harding, ENGLAND

I recently purchased the Air Bourbon DVD and it is well done. I enjoyed all of the scenery as well as the cockpit and cabin scenes. Special thanks should go to Capt Dumat.

John McCreery, USA

I have been watching the Air Bourbon DVD and I must tell you it is great. The preflight briefing was well presented by Capt Dumat and weather briefing was informative as well. Capt Dumat also gave a good bit of information on the A-340-200 cockpit during preflight checks and during flight to St-Denis, Reunion Island. The visit around St Denis was very nice. The return flight was real nice as well. It was interesting to see the great inflight services. The views from the aircraft were real nice. I especially like the flight back to Orly, and flying over Africa and Egypt. Keep up the great work, And my thanks to World Air Routes film crew. They have the best job in the world. Thanks also to Air Bourbon Crews. I look forward to more great DVDs.

John Linder, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A340-200 F-OITN ZN 353 ORY-RUN 10h39

ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE




F-OITN ZN 372 RUN-ORY 11h07


ORY Paris Orly, FRANCE