Air Atlanta Icelandic is the largest ACMI service provider in the world operating a wide fleet of A300s and B747s for airlines across the globe. 2008 marks the 10th year of cooperation between Air Atlanta and World Air Routes. After featuring the L1011, B737, B767, B747-100 & B747-200 during flights on behalf of half a dozen airlines we bring you the B747-400 operating on behalf of Cargolux routing from Luxembourg to Asia.


During the flights you will be continuously informed by our 4 sets of crews. Pilots talk in detail about the operation of the Boeing 747-400 including a walkaround, flight preparations, cockpit preparations, departure and arrival briefings, cockpit presentations and much much more!


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Filmed in 2007 - Released in 2008


Marvelous photography paired with an abundance of information and outstanding picture and sound. On the 12 hour route to Singapore the charming female Copilot and the competent Captain describe their job in detail and a lot more including information about the route, weather and fuel. For the Flight Simmers this is an optimal source of information for the operation of the Queen (B747). Highly recommend this DVD because over the 186 minutes it covers almost everything experienced on the 747.

Reviewed by Flightsimulation.com


Agree with the others here. Captain Lewis is the star of this DVD. His explanations and little tips are excellent for the wanna be airline pilot. Right down to the Gerd Pupel charts and even a back up approach in the RTE2 page of the FMC should they need to change runways at the last second at WSSS. Awesome stuff! First officer Sanchez does an awesome job hand flying the takeoff, it's a sight to see and kudos to the WAR crew for catching it all on the DVD.

Allan Stiff, CANADA

I loved Capt. Lewis sense of humor, attention to detail and situational awareness. The preflight walk around was very interesting to watch. First officer Maria Cano was not only charming, but very competent as well. I just noticed on the LUX-SIN leg that ATC clearance was obtained during taxiing. Crew had a detailed explanation of aircraft systems and performed a course deviation due to weather. Nice presentation. Another great WAR DVD!


What a wonderful DVD! Constructed in the right way, as it should be! First leg: The complete tail of a flight with humor brought by the team on the flightdeck! Second and third leg: The Flightdeckteams let the viewers see what they just have learned. Last leg: The pilots dotted the I’s with some additional info. Worth ever so much. I recommend this DVD to everyone in real and simulated flight, it gives a great view on the aviation in the 747, as it should be.

Captain Lewis was just incredible with his commentary and presentations, and all the other crewmembers were great as well. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone!

Tim Herman, USA

My compliments to Just Planes staff and Air Atlanta crews for their contributions in making this one of the best DVDs produced by WAR/Justplanes. Captain Lewis did an excellent job with Flight Preparations, Walkaround, and Cockpit Preparations in LUX; Cockpit Presentation 1 and Arrival Preparations (en-route LUX-SIN); and for keeping the viewer up to date with the progress of the flight. First Officer Sanchez Cano does a wonderful job with her Takeoff Briefing at LUX and her Arrival Briefing for SIN. Captain Finlayson does a great job with his Weight and Balance Presentation while First Officer Mascarenhas does a great job with Cockpit Presentation 2. Udo Schaefer does a terrific job with the filming (e.g. The Landing in SIN, First Officer P. Figueira performing the takeoffs/landings SIN-KUL-GYD, The Scenery of KUL after Takeoff, and Night Scenery on Approach to LUX. The 747 will always be my favorite aircraft. I hope that Justplanes will release more DVDs featuring the 747. All WAR DVDs are very entertaining – I look forward to buying more.

John McCreery, USA

This Air Atlanta Icelandic B747-400 program must rank as one of the best from the stables of JustPlanes. I was glued to the screen from start to finish, particularly the first segment from Luxembourg to Singapore. Capt Lewis was just brilliant in his commentary, he has a natural gift of putting his audience at ease. The approach and landing into Singapore Changi Airport was very well recorded. What would have made it a perfect program was if a company profile had been included, one given by the CEO. Would have given us an overall perspective of the airline's operations.. Notwithstanding that, I would rate this one in the "highly recommended" category. Keep up the good work, JustPlanes.


I have to agree with all the previous comments about this DVD. This is by far the BEST EVER World Air Routes production in my opinion. I have to take my hat off to Cpt Lewis. He makes you feel so much at home. The detail in all his explanations is excellent. Great camera shots all around. This is one DVD that will be watched several times. Well done!!

Fonawah Atang, UK

I just wanted to echo the comments that have gone before about this DVD & in particular the excellent Capt Lewis. I've enjoyed many of the Just Planes DVD's & certainly all the ones featuring 744's but for me the leg to SIN & Capt Lewis truly engaging & at times humourous  presentation is the best yet. As a private pilot its also refreshing to see that even the Captains of some of these heavy jets have to make their own food & drink! Bravo, more like this please!

Jim Mathews, UK

I have watched many of your programs over the years but I am compelled to comment on the Air Atlanta Icelandic DVD. This program was wonderful. Capt Lewis provided what I felt was the best aircraft presentation yet. He and F/O Cano made you feel to be a part of the flight crew and not simply a spectator. Another fantastic production!

Michael Bellew, USA

Well Just Planes you have done it again. I do not want to seem too patriotic but Capt M Lewis here and Capt Cox and Millerin on your Oasis program give such a detailed presentation ; one flying cargo the others flying passenger variations of the Boeing 747-400. After watching the DVDs you feel like you could almost fly one yourself. This feeling is enhanced by the professionalism of your whole program. I liked the landing in Singapore with the split screen so one can see the inside and outside views. Once again another brilliant production!

Simon Cordall, UK

I really enjoyed the night landing approach to Luxembourg's Findel airport as the Air Atlanta Icelandic plane flew right over the International School of Luxembourg.
While I attended the International School I often remember seeing cargo planes flying low over the school on approach to Luxembourg's Airport so it was neat to see the same approach from the cargo airplane's perspective.
The same night approach into Luxembourg also features many neat views of the Grund, the EU Buildings, and other buildings/areas located in the center of Luxembourg City. This DVD also features neat views of Singapore's harbor.
Matthew Salava, USA

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Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
B747-400 TF-AMO CLX 794 LUX-SIN 11h24



B747-400 TF-AMO CLX 795 SIN-KUL 0h30


KUL Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

B747-400 TF-AMO CLX 795 KUL-GYD 8h13

KUL Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


B747-400 TF-AMO CLX 795 GYD-LUX 3h59