Founded as Aegean Aviation in 1987. On 17 February 1992, it became the first airline to be issued with a Greek independent air operator's licence in 1992. The Aegean Airlines name was born in 1999 with the start of scheduled services initially with a pair of Avro RJ100s


. Today Aegean is the largest airline in Greece. Its main base is located at Athens Int'l Airport, it operates a fleet of 22 Airbus A320 & A321 aircraft along with 4 Avro RJ100s. Aegean joined Star Alliance, the world's first and largest airline alliance, in June 2010.




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Filmed in 2011 - Released in 2011


This program really exceeded my expectations. The video quality is amazing! The hold over London contains some great air to air footage. The bumpy approach into Heathrow really highlights the professionalism of the Captain. The HD wide screen format of this DVD adds a new dimension to Just Planes and their fantastic productions. This DVD is a must have !

Kristof Barocz, CANADA

The aegean dvd, as the cyprus airways dvd which I ordered in the past, are oversome! The captains and the crew are very friendly and generus about the information they give us about how a plane works and fly! As a kid my dream was to become a captain of an airplane, dream which I didn't manage to make reality. But with your lovely videos, I feel as I am flying in the cockpit of an airbus myself and I can travel with them. And... if some of you afraid to fly with an airplane, I am sure that your fears will vanish as soon as you watch these videos! Thank you, just planes for these great moments you offer us! Yours faithfully.

John Mousouris , GREECE

Another great program in my collection. The crews, flights, cockpit details, walkaround, Greece scenery, excellent !!! You did it again WAR. Thank you.

Marcel Laroche, CANADA

Great DVD. I really enjoyed seeing all the preflight paperwork that has to be checked before each flight. Capt Anadiotis did a Great job of explaining how they put the Flight Plan into the Flight management Computers. The Take off from Athens as well as the flight was really interesting as well as the Flight into London Heathrow. Being put in a Holding pattern for 20 minutes was interesting with great views of other planes. The 2 Flights on the RJ 100 were nice as well with Great Scenery. Thanks to all the Crews and Just Planes for another Great DVD.

John Linder, USA

Another great production by Just Planes. The flight into LHR is well worth the price of the DVD. The HD is awesome and the clarity is just like the previous Air Canada HD release . A must buy production especially if you are an Airbus fan.

George Alves, USA

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Widescreen DVD filmed in High Def features :

+ Multi-camera views!

+ Best flight ever in and out of London Heathrow!

+ Holding patterns with great view of London!

+ Other aircraft holding near our A321!

+ Spectacular crosswind landing at Heathrow

+ Pilotseye views into London & Chios

+ Preflight briefings, checklists.

+ Cockpit Presentation

+ Aircraft Walkaround

+ Cabin crew presentations & service

+ Great scenery over Greece & Europe

+ Visit to Aegean Maintenance

+ Visit Aegean Flight Operations & Dispatch

+ Views of Aegean aircraft at Athens International

Flight Information
A/C Reg Flight Route Flt Time Destinations
A321 SX-DGA A3 602 ATH-LHR 4h01


LHR London Heathrow, UK

A321 SX-DGA A3 603 LHR-ATH 2h59

LHR London Heathrow, UK


Avro RJ100 SX-DVC A3 250 ATH-MJT 0h31


MJT Mytilene, GREECE

Avro RJ100 SX-DVC A3 273 JKH-ATH 0h33



A320 SX-DGG A3 841 DUS-ATH 2h34

DUS Dusseldorf, GERMANY



Airbus A321 crew for Athens to London Heathrow

Avro RJ100 crew for the domestic flights

Airbus A320 crew for Dusseldorf to Athens

In flight on the A321 to London Heathrow

Watch the Captain fighting crosswinds at Heathrow!

Then see the landing again from a pilotseye view!

Watch the A380 doing a crosswind landing

As well as the Boeing 777

Visit to Aegean Dispatch

and Flight Operations

Views of Aegean planes in action at  Athens

including the Airbus A320 and Avro RJ100

Early morning departure from Athens

Pilotseye view at Chios

Walkaround of the Avro RJ

Aegean's Avro RJ Chief Pilot

Rotation at Chios en route to Athens

On short final at Athens International

Enjoying lunch on the Airbus A320

En route from Dusseldorf to Athens


Once more, Just Planes has release their second HD widescreen title which contains new camera views and other features that truly makes this release one of the most unique. It’s setting a trend for future titles to come!

Our first flight takes us onboard the A321 for a round trip from Greece to London. As always we start off with a briefing which was very comprehensive. The cockpit preflight setup was equally informative as viewers join the crew as they prepare their performance computers and the aircraft itself for this 4 hr flight. One of the things you will immediately notice are the new camera views that gives the viewers an even better seat in the cockpit.  One of the highlights of this flight was the lengthy holding pattern due to the busy skies over London. As our aircraft holds over the city we can see many other aircraft holding in the skies around us. The landing was uneventful but given a creative touch with two viewers perspective of the landing. Upon taxi and parking, the captain explains to the viewers the procedures and events of the approach and landing; while this is done we are also shown various clips of airport activity. The editing style of these DVDs has been revolutionized and I honestly believe that viewers will find this approach much more appealing.

Returning on the flight from London to Greece, we join the crew as they taxi and takeoff. After the climb we are given a brief view of the cabin service and then it’s back to the cockpit for a cockpit presentation from the Captain. A lovely feature of the return flight is the amazing view from the cockpit while approaching Athens at Dusk/Night which I am sure many will enjoy. After our landing we step away from the aircraft for a tour of some of the facilities of Aegean. We are first taken on a tour of their maintenance hangar with an overview of the various systems used to schedule and keep track of all aircraft. Added to this is a tour of the Operations and Dispatch departments which everyone will find very informative since it shows the viewers the team effort it takes to run an airline.

Our second featured flight takes us onboard the RJ100 which as an aircraft well known within the EU. Viewers are welcomed onboard for a night flight from Athens to Mytilene. The following day we depart Mytilene to Chios and then on to Athens. Some of the features of these flights include cockpit briefings, various camera views from the cockpit and aircraft walk around. To anyone who is a fan of the RJ100, this portion of the DVD will be very enjoyable. Our last flight takes us on a one way trip from Dusseldorf to Athens onboard an A320 aircraft. While this flight is more or less similar to the first, the highlight of this flight was definitely the cabin crew presentation. The senior cabin attendant takes the time to explain her role onboard the aircraft which was very informative. It highlights the fact that both cabin crew and pilots are truly essential to the safety of both aircraft and passengers as they work side by side. This DVD was an absolute pleasure to look at and the added camera views from the cockpit makes it by far one of the most visually appealing DVDs available. Highly recommended! These DVDs were an absolute pleasure to watch and I think anyone who loves aviation will enjoy them. At a cost of $25-30 each they are a bargain. These are perfect for days when you what to see or do something aviation related but also want to enjoy the comforts of home.  Reviewed by AvSim

Review by Ptisi & Diastima